Renaming massive multiepisode files

I’m not sure if this is better suited to being a help request or a feature request, but I include the episode titles when renaming files, but when they’re whole season files, with each file being 15-30 episodes, the naming breaks, and won’t proceed (it just idles).

Ideally, it’d be good to be able to set a different custom parameter for multi-episode files so that the episode titles aren’t included in the renames.

As I write this, I can think of a workaround, but which is a bit cumbersome: changing the naming convention to be without episode titles, processing those series manually, then going back and reverting. But it’s a bit needless if the system can be made to provide a proper solution.

v3 has this:

Awesome, works perfectly!

(admittedly, I installed v3 after posting, and didn’t think something like that’d be a frontend feature, but I’m really glad I did now)

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