Renaming format is marked as invalid


So I use the following renaming format:

{Episode number} {Series Title} S{Season}

An example would be: 01 The Walking Dead S3

But when I try to create this format using Sonarr it is marked as invalid.
Here is what I am trying:

{episode:00} {Series Title} S{season}

Thank you for the help


Sonarr can’t properly parse the season and episode numbers from that file name, hence the unsupported message.

There is:

But that’s low priority and wouldn’t solve your issue, it’d only allow Sonarr to import existing files with that format. Your issue would still be present because Sonarr doesn’t know if there is a season folder.


Hello Markus, thank you for your reply.

I am not sure what you mean by Sonarr can’t parse the season and episode numbers? I don’t really understand the need for this? I thought how it worked was Sonarr would just take the original name from the file, and when moving it to my selected folder after downloading it would rename it with the specified format.

I am not sure where the need to parse the file name comes into this? I think I might misunderstand what this feature does.


Sonarr will not allow file to be renamed to a format it cannot parse back later (in the event it needs to parse the files from disk for any reason again).


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