Renaming Episodes - Season Folder


Sonar appears to force “Season 1” naming over “Season 01”. (It would be nice if the option was provided)

However the bug is when I rename a series because of this issue. The rename works 100% and effectively transfers all episodes into the new Season folders. However it doesn’t delete the empty folders left behind (So now I have both Season 1 and Season 01 folders)

It already exists…



(Not an advanced setting in either)

I don’t recall if v2 is setup to do so, but v3 is.

Use the help and support template if you want to report a bug and include all the requested information, but in this case,

Thanks. That’s what I need. I would still call the not cleaning up empty folders a bug. Is this template you mention here in the forum or in Sonarr itself?


Create a new topic, select the help category, everything will be listed.

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