Remove after download

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Mono Version
AppData directory /home/greg/.config/NzbDrone
OS: ubuntu 18.04.3


cannot figure out how to get sonarr to remove files after download completes and files transferred to where shows are stored for kodi to run. Sonarr used to delete remaining files after files are moved to final place. The trouble only occurs when transmission is used. The only place I can find anything is edit - transmission in setup under Directory. That is currently set to the location for the files before they get moved (It does copy them to the right place but leaves the originals in place)

Thank you…

If they’re still seeding Sonarr won’t remove them.

I don’t see an import in that log.

Thank you for the reply

My transmission has been acting differently. When it finished it used to change color but now downloads remain green forever. I went in and checked seeding and found that it had changed from 0 to 2. I then changed it back to 0. After about 2 seconds it changed it back to 2 (tried several times). Then I changed it back to zero with my finger on the x to save it. That seemed to have reset it back to zero.

I have no idea if that fixed it or not but will let you know.