Release rejected Unknown Series - for "Scenes from a Marriage (US)"

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OS: Ubuntu 18.04
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Description of issue: Getting error "Release rejected Unknown Series: - for tv show “Scenes from a Marriage (US)”

Scenes from a Marriage is not the series name of Scenes from a Marriage (US)

This is covered on the faq and search troubleshooting article

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Even with the alternate titles Sonarr isn’t mapping properly…i think this SceneMapping:

47392659|394109|-1|Scenes from a Marriage|scenesfrommarriage|Scenes from a Marriage|ServicesProvider||(?i)-(MeGusta)$|||

needs to remove the ‘(?i)-(MeGusta)’ portion from the database row. I tried updating sonarr.db myself…but there is some automated process which cleans up the database and reverts my entry.

Seems you may be on to something

Correct the refresh scene mapping task does that

Mapping should be fixed for that series now; run the refresh mapping task.

The form works perfectly fine. It looks like just human error occured when the yearless TEPES submission was input as it was erroneously confused with the previous TEPES submission.

Reporting these issues via our support methods are the way to go in these cases

It’s always tricky with shows like this. We can’t blanket map the same title to a new show when there are existing releases with the same name for the old show.
It requires an regex to map new release groups to the new show, or regex to map old release groups to the old show.

Usually we wait a bit to see which direction scene moves. And for this particular one there are release without suffix, with ‘US’ and with ‘2021’. Coz often they’ll sort their shit out after one or two episodes.

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Thanks for looking into this. After the SceneMapping update sonarr is now grabbing the releases for this who. ty.