Refresh episode sizes?

Sonarr version: v3

Currently I use a script in my download client to automatically unrar releases that have RARs.

Sonarr successfully detects these files, and hardlinks them appropriately, but the size doesn’t update to what it actually is, even after a full extraction.

Don’t unrar in place, unrar to another location then move them back into that folder, especially important for multi-file releases.


  • Download all rars
  • Script moves all of those to a temporary folder
  • Unrars
  • Moves everything back to that same folder

Is this correct?

No need to move the rars, Sonarr will ignore them.

  1. Download all rars
  2. Extract rars to a different folder
  3. Move extracted files back

Just a remark, the move should be instant. So preferrably extract to another folder on the same volume, then move back from there.

So would this script work, if $1 = the torrent folder (i.e. /home/pika/hoard/torrents/TV Shows/my show.GROUP)?


mkdir /home/pika/hoard/tmp
cd /home/pika/hoard/tmp
find "$1" -name "*.rar" -exec unrar e -o- "{}" \;
mv /home/pika/hoard/tmp/* "$1"
rm -rf /home/pika/hoard/tmp

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