Refresh and scan falied

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Sonarr is not refreshing and scanning anymore. And it’s not fetching for updates either.

Whenever I scan it’s says “scan failed”

I have restarted the application. Restarted my transmission and indexers containers.

Can you please help?

This is not a Sonarr error

You need to update your system’s ssl certs and then sync mono’s certs

Seek your NASes own support methods

@bakerboy448 So you are saying the issue comes for the ssl certificate on my NAS? I never used one really

No the issue is the SynoCommunity who creates, maintains, and supports many of the package is failing to sync your system’s root SSL certificates (I.e the list of known good signing authorities) to mono’s list. Thus breaking Sonarr

@bakerboy448 Ah I see, it’s true the issue starting after the mono update, thanks I’m going to try to figure this out


I updated the certificate it works now,