Reducing time to pick up downloads from client

Running latest ( on Win 7.

After NZBGet has finished downloading, it seems to take Sonarr a while to figure out the download has completed. The status bar showing the download percentage lags behind significantly (60 seconds, sometimes more). Is there a way to speed that up?

Normally it’s a non issue - downloads happen in the background and you aren’t even aware of it. But sometimes when you’re after something “on demand” it’s frustrating waiting for the download to get picked up and processed when you know it’s sitting there on your hard-drive.

Anyway to improve that?

Edit: I can see in the tasks tab “Refresh Monitored Downloads”. Anyway to get that put onto the activity page so you can tap it straight from there?

It is already there in Activity > Queue > Refresh button…

Sonarr checks your download client(s) every 60 seconds, that’s not configurable.

Ah thanks! I didn’t realize refresh would actually re-run a check. Assumed it would only refresh the page. Thanks! Exactly what I was after