Redownloading same files/torrents

****Sonarr version (exact version): **
****Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows)
:** N/A
**OS: ** Windows 10
Debug logs: not added since not sure which debug log and if anything usefull would actually show in debug log for this case
**Description of issue: ** Keeps downloading the same files while it has already imported them to the correct folder and updated it to be complete.

**Additional Information:

For some weird reason in this case The Blacklist episode s08e19 and s08e20 from Bandi (QXR) keep being redownloaded over and over again. Lately I have been having this more often out of no where, like the last season from Supernatural as well.

Season was downloaded, then upgraded to QXR their season release, and that is where it should usually stop. However when finished seeding, I removed it, and then it redownloaded a day later.

I hope to fix it because not only do bandwith issues occur, but also it kills files for others (as I won’t reseed a second and third time after it gets downloaded again by accident).

Hopefully there is an obvious issue and easy solution.

info logs are completely useless.

So it should be the debug log?

Just emptied the log folder so that if it re-downloads anything again I will have an easier time to assess which file I should upload.

answered on the linked page for gathering logs (and troubleshooting)