Rearrange the Root Folder in Media Management


I would love to be able to manually rearrange the order of the root folders in the Media Management settings.
This would then also allow the order of my root folders list to match when adding a new Series.

The reason for this being, that my root folders are set alphabetically by Genre:

If then adding a new root folder, it appears at the bottom of the list and becomes a jumbled order when I am assign new shows
e.g. Adding root folder:

This would be at the end of the root folders list when adding a new series, being able to move it to second in the list would be fantastic.

Is this possible, as it’s purely a UI implementation that only effects the Media Management Root Folders list and the drop down list of Root Folders when adding a new Series (or moving an existing Series to a different root folder)

Apologies if this has already been requested, tried to look to see but couldn’t find any requests.


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