Question on Searching not returning results

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OS: Windows 10
Debug logs:
Description of issue: When searching for episodes of the Anime, BBK/BRNK, it does not return results but when I manually search for the episodes on my indexers it does. Turning on trace I see that it is passing 00 for the episode number instead of what is listed on the page. The page lists the season and absolute numbering but when you hover over it, it has a scene absolute number of 0 for all episodes. When I check it has numbering in Master/TVdb/Anidb but is empty for scene, so I am assuming this is the problem. Is there anyway to force Sonarr to search based on Master information when Scene absolute numbering is empty or is there something else I can do to rectify this situation?

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Yeah, that’s the issue.

The only thing that can be done is contacting TheXEM mods to get them to fix it, their IRC channel is the only place to do so.

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Thank you kindly for the help. I will contact them about the issue.

Can you confirm it works now?

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Works now, thank you very much.

glad to hear, just for reference what was wrong is that the person linked scene to master. scene had 0 data and the linked mode was only for sxxexx which means there is no absolute data. all I did was change it from sxxexx to ‘full’.

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