Question about repack logic. Should this have happened?

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: linuxserver docker

I downloaded a season pack of a show to upgrade some crappier copies and try some of the new v3 features. I have it set to prefer Amazon web-dl. Anyway, the season pack imported fine except one episode. The old episode was a tbs repack web-dl, half the size. I have NTb set as preferred and AMZN as preferred. I would have thought it would have replaces the TBS version. Is this expected behavior?

BTW, I’m totally loving v3 so far. You devs are killing it.

Yes, expected unless you’ve told Sonarr not to prefer repacks/propers (then you can use preferred words to prefer them).

Ah, ok. A little round about but that should work.

I just noticed something else though. I still had it set to prefer repacks. It downloaded a repack, same release group and all but it did not import it, saying it was the same file size as the original.

The exact same bytes for different files would be rare, either the previous release was the repack and not named as such or preferred words applied would be my guesses.

What do you mean the previous release was the repack and not named as such? Doesn’t it determine if it’s a repack by the name? I checked a few times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things wrong. The original did not have ‘repack’ in the file name and the replacement does. Unfortunately, I had forgotten about this issue and cleared out my Sonarr recycle bin and the original torrent is no longer available. So I don’t know the size of the original.

This is what I mean, the original release you got was a repack, but not labeled as such (just guessing), beyond that it’s a really small chance that a different release has the same file size, thought not impossible.

Ah, duh. Ok, I see what you mean. You’re probably right. Won’t worry about it. thanks.

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