Question About Editing Episodes for Series

Hey Guys -

Quick question - In the past, I’ve found that episode names / data for a few shows has been incorrect. I was able to correct the issues by editing the show on TheTVDB which eventually refreshed within Sonarr. When wanting to fix a show recently (Season 10 of “A Haunting”), I found that TheTVDB was correct yet Sonarr still had the incorrect data.

Resolving this is where I’m confused. Do mappings for the entire show / single season need to be created on (where it currently doesn’t exist) or what?


Data is cached at several points, for some period of time before TVDB’s, skyhook caches for an hour + a cloudflare cache of skyhook, in general we estimate it up to 2 hours from the time a change is made until it will show up in Sonarr. It looks correct now for season 10, but I didn’t look too closely.

No, is used very situationally, either to correct numbering issues between released files and TheTVDB or anime alternate names (which often need numbering corrections as well), both of these cases are mentioned in the FAQ.

TheXEM is definitely not needed for every show, that would be way too cumbersome to be useful.

Hello there. I am having a similar issue where data has been updated on TVDB, but it won’t show up in Sonarr. It’s been weeks, if not months already, since the data was updated on TVDB, though. This is for the show “Attack on Titan”, in particular the “Specials”. Here you can see how TVDB has the 23 specials already:

Be that as it may, Sonarr is “aware” of Specials 1 through 20, then skips over to 23. I have episodes 21 and 22, but they will not refresh their metadata since Sonarr does not know they exist, so to speak. Is there any fix for this?

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