Quality Per Profile

Hey guys.
I’d like to be able to set different profiles to different shows that have their own associated quality setting (rather than the one global quality setting that currently exists).

This is because some shows has large or small files (Like the new Vox Machina series, has about 1.9GB/25 minutes (4.56GB/Hour)) and generally don’t auto download, while other shows that don’t require high quality could also be set to a lower limit to save space.

This would allow us to essentially have different bitrate profiles for the same qualities and assign them to whatever TV shows we’d like, without it affecting our entire library.

This allows us to have control over the size of each show and gives the ability to retain automated grabbing of new episodes without having to affect our entirely library with a large limit just because a few shows require it to auto-grab new episodes.

I was thinking as a way of implementing:
Keep the global quality, but allow us to create a “Quality” within the profile itself (initially using the global quality as default values). Then if the profile-specific quality exists, use it, or default to the global one.

FR exists already

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