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I’m relatively new to Sonarr, however I have been in the usenet/torrent scene since the beginning. I love the Sonarr application. It has a robust, well built interface that continues to evolve.

I’m sure that this topic has been discussed ad nauseum and I apologize in advance. Just wondering if in future Sonarr releases you might implement an auto search feature to scan for episodes on your cutoff unmet list until the list is satisfied, no matter how long it takes? Perhaps using the API on a scan schedule determined by the user?

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Due to the way sonarr is made, it’s quite pointless (imho). Why is covered in the FAQ: https://github.com/Sonarr/Sonarr/wiki/FAQ#How-does-Sonarr-find-episodes



Thank you for your comment. I understand Sonarr passively monitors episodes via RSS feeds and grabs the file via your API. I know I can Click the Automatic or Manual Search buttons on a specific episode, season, or series. Also, I can navigate to Wanted —> Missing then click ‘search selected’ or ‘search all missing’.

However for Cutoff Unmet episodes I have to navigate to Wanted —> Cutoff Unmet and click on ‘search selected’ then check mark each episode or page of episodes to do multiple searches.

This would be fine if you only follow 15 or 20 tv series. Now if you have lets say 200 or more…you’re going to have page after page of cutoff unmet episodes and having to check mark each page to search becomes a little monotonous, especially if you don’t run Sonarr in the background 24/7. Also consider that most higher quality releases are posted up to a year after lower quality releases, particularly Bluray releases of tv series.

Nowadays most Sonarr type applications are all about automation and automating the clicking and check marking process to find older episodes or newer qualities of already downloaded episodes would be less time consuming is all I’m saying.


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