"Quality" Branches Dedicated to HEVC / x265


is the cutoff met? if so are you sure sonarr sees the x265 file as the same quality as you already have? not better/worse, it has to be the same once cutoff is met

change the logging level to trace, do an auto search on the show then read through the trace logs (or post them here) to see why sonarr is ignoring the upgrade.


Unsure of how to upload a .txt file, and I’m not sure which part I’m looking for so I don’t want to plaster the whole thing here!

The cutoff (Upgrade Until?) for this profile is HDTV-720p, which is placed above all WEB. The x264 releases that are automatically downloaded first are all HDTV-720p, and so is the x265 release (there’s only ever one). However the x265 doesn’t have an error mark (unlike all the rest of the x264 releases in the list), so I’d assume that it would download (and upgrade) automatically.

And that’s where I’m having issues: if I force Sonarr to automatically search for a release, AKA force an x265 upgrade over the x264, then the x265 file does begin downloading. That’s great, but my problem is that this action is not being done automatically.

As far as I can tell, I’m doing everything the same as everyone else, but I’m just getting different results? The only thing I’ve changed just now is removing the “Must Not Contain” restrictions on the release profile.


Is that an old release? Then it’s normal you have to use a search to trigger a download.


I’m on the alpha,, 29 December 2018.


Sorry, should have been more clear. I was talking about “the release” as in “the download you were expecting sonarr to grab automatically” :sweat_smile:


thats the most important part. sonarr does not search. if the x265 release never made it into the RSS query results then sonarr wouldnt have seen it to be able to download it as an upgrade.

make sure you arent doing an RSS query too often if your indexer limits queries, if you max it out too early then it basically will miss chunks until the api timer resets the next cycle (daily/hourly).

there might also be issues on the indexer side that causes the RSS feed to skip

if you are getting gaps in your RSS feeds (for whatever reason) it will look like this in the logs;
19-1-19 07:17:39.1|Warn|Torznab|Indexer (sanitised) rss sync didn't cover the period between 1/18/2019 7:02:54 PM and 1/18/2019 7:50:27 PM UTC. Search may be required.


I checked the trace logs and the more recent normal logs, the only warns I have are JPG banners etc. not downloading and Free Space / Import warnings from this morning :woozy_face:

They’re all currently airing series, so the x265 releases are hours after the airing, but it’s not prioritising downloading the x265 after it’s already downloaded an x264. As far as I can tell this is because both are HDTV-720p, and Sonarr doesn’t care about automatically upgrading to the same “quality”? I really feel like I’m missing something!

Edit: Apparently I’ve hit the reply limit so I’m editing here.

I just found out that when I do a full series search on The Good Place, which was missing S03E11 due to the scene information being inaccurate, Sonarr has decided to redownload most of the x265 files I have, but instead with 500mb x264 releases? So besides the series having scene information errors for E10-12, what is causing all this?


trace logs - its the only way anyone can tell why sonarr picked a specific release over another

the other thing you can do is just a manual search. make sure the +xx values are being shown, and they should be sorted by order that sonarr would grab them (if not click on the download icon header). if the x265 is under a whole bunch of other files then you’ve got that quality higher in the list than the x265 files quality

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