"Quality" Branches Dedicated to HEVC / x265


@bzowk that is what my way of doing it (with two sonarr instances) does. It’s not an elegant solution but it does exactly that.


Thanks for the reply - That’s actually a good idea.

So how do you have it configured? Did you you import all series you wish to search for and set restrictions and/or sizes?



I’ve written it further up in the thread but basically one sonarr is doing hevc, the other is doing x264. Both fetch the newest release as soon as it’s available, but the x264 one stops at SD quality and doesn’t go for 720 at all. I use the restrictions to look for HEVC, h265 and some other variations in the posted filename for the hevc sonarr while the other one doesn’t do anything special.

It works well, but as written above you end up with duplicates since each sonarr version doesn’t know about the other, so I tend to clean up my media folders (the ones plex view from) every once in awhile. It’s a minor hassle but that way I get the long term storage using hevc and the short term quick retrieval using whatever comes first.


I’m just bumping this up. While I do see the workarounds in place, the right solution is to add this to advanced settings. Thanks to those of you who have come up with workarounds as this is a game changer for me for storage. I’d love to see some kind of target/monetary goal for this feature to be invested in because you’d have my money already.


v3 has had preferred words added to it now so you could setup a preferred word of x265 hevc x.265 h265 h.265 with a value of +10 and it would download the x264 file first (because they tend to get released first) and then later it would download the x265 file when (or if) it becomes available as it would see it as an “upgrade” within that quality level

or at least thats how i think it works


@rhom That is my impression as well. I will swap at some point but don’t know how solid it is in “production” already and I’m currently invested in other aspects that take my time so trying to avoid adding too many other things that would take more time right now. Hopefully I’ll be in a better place (time availability wise) shortly and can give it a go.


I’m still trying to figure this out. I installed V3, but does anyone have a screenshot example? I feel like I’m missing a step here. Thank you for the quick response on my original post!

Edit: I fixed this in V3 and it’s working the way I want it to so far. Screenshots for those curious:

Edit 2, still seems to be grabbing x264 even after the preferred words. Working on it.


I’ve also been playing with this and although such a system will help with preferances at time of search it doesn’t allow for custom quality profiling and cut-off’s, so once a quality is matched, it won’t aquire new content if these terms are matched.

I hope this isn’t the solution for x265 content.

Also I havn’t had any hits yet, but this is alpha, so they system might not be complete.


So it does appear to be redownloading/upgrading to x265, however I’m seeing content in x265 without a webdl/hdtv naming standard, so they are showing up a HDTV and below my cut-off.

Is there a way to preference x265 despite the cut-off in any quality.


Not sure if it has been fixed yet, but markus said in another topic a few days ago there’s a bug with preferred words. You have to enable the checkbox “include preferred in renaming” for sonarr to use those words when determining the scores.


I truly hope this becomes a priority in future builds. So many shows I currently follow are ONLY being released in HEVC x265 720p format or greater. However in order to maintain that a much larger file size 720p is not grabbed instead, changing the profile (in what ive found) does not allow for a very tiny x265 file size. (I can get the correct size for hour long shows, but half hour or shorter cannot change the cutoff to a small enough size to match and download said file). Truly tired of manually operating what I would hope to eventually be an automated system. Short of a dual-sonarr setup, I cant figure a way of doing so. [However I also previously didn’t see, find in my playing with options within, or even know about the restrictions section. Doesn’t help with current goal (as to what I see), but perhaps there is a combination of options currently available within sonarr that could achieve the desired result and I haven’t had the luxury of stumbling over thus far.]

In any case… please provide an option to make this end a reality! So much content is only available at such quality or better and at such small file sizes. Without this option, it requires a lot more super user interaction to provide a seamless (and what should-be automated) system.

Thanks for any and all help the devs make towards this end! (Honestly don’t know how I dedicated so much time to my setup before utilizing sonarr)


Potentially cracked the x265 quality dilemma, please try these settings. HDTV has to be above WEB so it will grab x264 first and then upgrade to x265 HDTV on release if it becomes available.

Edit; confirmed working for me, I’m seeing x264 quality releases automatically upgraded to x265.


Ok, thanks for the help. But perhaps a bit more, please. Your second screenshot… How exactly do I get to that setting? I’m finding nothing like that anywhere within settings or general. I’m currently on version “” if that helps.

The only thing I’ve found remotely similar is the restrictions section. However this does not have a “preferred” section anywhere within it.

(And yes I have advanced settings enabled)

Thanks for your help so far; as well as any further help you are able to provide.


@madhatter806 Those pertains to the 3.* branch of Sonarr, they aren’t available in 2.*



Thanks for the help. Had a feeling it had to do with the version I was running, but didn’t realize there was an alpha release. After upgrading to that, correcting my service to local account so my network shares work, and adjusting profiles as your screenshots showed… viola! Everything works.

Again thanks so much. Glad it is now pulling in HEVC/x265 automatically!


Hallelujah this is finally in the pipeline. Not being able to preference HEVC>AVC>XVID was the only thing keeping me from letting Sonarr loose on my entire TV collection. For new releases its been simple to download HEVC only, but for obscure older stuff sometimes i have to search manually and take whatever i can get.


I am still having issues with the settings @bolagnaise is displaying. I have HDTV (720p only) above WEB, but this is only forcing Sonarr to download X264 files in HDTV-720p. There is no automatic upgrading. I can give more details if necessary, would like to get this automated so I can focus on reencoding my film instead.


@Geoghoff Have you set release profiles up as well? Picture below


I have, and I’ve double checked and added all the extra clauses you have too.

So for example on Modern Family, I have a 700MB HDTV-720p x264 file automatically downloaded. There is an x265 release available, with a preferred score and everything, but it’s not downloading because Sonarr has already prioritised an x264 release for the HDTV-720p.

So it does see that release as an upgrade due to the preferred score, but it’s not automatically grabbing the upgrade. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong!