qBittorrent JSON error in Sonarr


Sonarr - Version
Mono Version -
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
((Debug logs)):

|Unable to communicate with qBittorrent. JSON integer 18446744073709236000 is too large or small for an Int64. Path ‘[25].eta’, line 1, position 40111. (Json snippet ‘18446744073709236000<–error–>,“f_l_piece_prio”:fa’)|Wiki|

|Download clients unavailable due to failures: qBittorrent|


It should be fixed on .5243 release once it gets published.

The issue was fixed months ago, and tested successfully. However, the build scripts on the build server was actually replacing a specific library with an older version, preventing the fix from working.


Thanks for the response.

The development release - Aug 7 2018 seems to have the issue fixed!


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