Pushover notifications suddenly not working?

Sonarr version (exact version):

Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):

OS: macOS Mojave 10.14.6

Debug logs: https://0bin.net/paste/KBXv4EeQ#migcBjPi+mem0++PBUttgL5BVxJohtHfv+08dEgvEeq

Description of issue:
Are Pushover notifications in SOnarr suddenly not working for anyone else?

They haven’t worked for me for a few days now. I didn’t make any changes to anything in that timeframe and I just tried using my same Pushover API key and settings with SABnzbd and notifications worked fine there so it’s not a Pushover issue.

I noticed that I didn’t have the most recent version of SOnarr installed so I installed the most recent version and still nothing,

I even tried creating a new pushover API key and it still doesn’t work with SOnarr anymore. According to the logs it just keeps timing out when trying to send a Pushover test message.

As a separate test I just tried to set up Telegram notifications and that test in SOnarr timed out as well.

Info Logs are not Debug Logs - what didn’t make sense in the post template and in the wiki the post linked to? It just seems like that was just ignored.

This is not a Sonarr issue. sonarr is timing out due to your local network connection issues.

Sorry about that. I just edited my post and added a link to the debug logs instead of the info. logs.

Still not a sonarr issue

You have network or ISP issues

It’s only an issue with SOnarr though. Everything else works totally fine. What network or ISP issues would be causing only SOnarr to have issue with notifications?

something improperly configured on your system perhaps?

namely what did you change recently and do not say nothing, because that is NEVER the case when things stop working

I literally haven’t changed a single thing. I run SOnarr and Plex media server on a Mac that’s in my basement and isn’t used for anything else at all except for downloading content and streaming it to the TVs in my house.

I use Pushover to get notifications on my phone when new content is downloaded and noticed I hadn’t gotten any notifications for a few days so I thought maybe my Mac restarted and SOnarr wasn’t running or something but nope, it was still up and running but the Pushover notifications just weren’t working anymore.

No one else touches the Mac but me and I don’t have updates set to install automatically so there’s nothing that could have changed, it literally just stopped working sometimes between January 3rd when I got a notification about a show that was downloaded and yesterday when a few shows downloaded that I didn’t get any notification for.

Just tested PushOver on my end and everything appears to be working, if it’s working for you now maybe there was an outage on their end, if not we’ll need updated logs to start.

Just tried it again now and it worked fine so it must have been some sort of temporary issue. Weird.

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I have been trying all day to get this working. It stopped for me around Jan 6th. I have deleted the app on Pushover, recreated it, removed the integration on Sonarr, recreated it, changed the API key on pushover, updated it on Sonarr… but nothing.

2022-01-27 17:42:17.2|Error|PushoverProxy|Unable to send test message

[v3.0.6.1342] System.Net.WebException: The operation has timed out.: 'https://api.pushover.net/1/messages.json' ---> System.Net.WebException: The operation has timed out.
  at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetRequestStream () [0x0000f] in /build/mono/src/mono/mcs/class/System/System.Net/HttpWebRequest.cs:910
  at NzbDrone.Common.Http.Dispatchers.ManagedHttpDispatcher.GetResponse (NzbDrone.Common.Http.HttpRequest request, System.Net.CookieContainer cookies) [0x000f7] in M:\BuildAgent\work\63739567f01dbcc2\src\NzbDrone.Common\Http\Dispatchers\ManagedHttpDispatcher.cs:75
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
  at NzbDrone.Common.Http.Dispatchers.ManagedHttpDispatcher.GetResponse (NzbDrone.Common.Http.HttpRequest request, System.Net.CookieContainer cookies) [0x001c0] in M:\BuildAgent\work\63739567f01dbcc2\src\NzbDrone.Common\Http\Dispatchers\ManagedHttpDispatcher.cs:107
  at NzbDrone.Common.Http.HttpClient.ExecuteRequest (NzbDrone.Common.Http.HttpRequest request, System.Net.CookieContainer cookieContainer) [0x00086] in M:\BuildAgent\work\63739567f01dbcc2\src\NzbDrone.Common\Http\HttpClient.cs:126
  at NzbDrone.Common.Http.HttpClient.Execute (NzbDrone.Common.Http.HttpRequest request) [0x00008] in M:\BuildAgent\work\63739567f01dbcc2\src\NzbDrone.Common\Http\HttpClient.cs:59
  at NzbDrone.Common.Http.HttpClient.Post (NzbDrone.Common.Http.HttpRequest request) [0x00007] in M:\BuildAgent\work\63739567f01dbcc2\src\NzbDrone.Common\Http\HttpClient.cs:300
  at NzbDrone.Core.Notifications.Pushover.PushoverProxy.SendNotification (System.String title, System.String message, NzbDrone.Core.Notifications.Pushover.PushoverSettings settings) [0x000d4] in M:\BuildAgent\work\63739567f01dbcc2\src\NzbDrone.Core\Notifications\Pushover\PushoverProxy.cs:52
  at NzbDrone.Core.Notifications.Pushover.PushoverProxy.Test (NzbDrone.Core.Notifications.Pushover.PushoverSettings settings) [0x00000] in M:\BuildAgent\work\63739567f01dbcc2\src\NzbDrone.Core\Notifications\Pushover\PushoverProxy.cs:62

2022-01-27 17:42:17.2|Warn|SonarrErrorPipeline|Invalid request Validation failed:
 -- ApiKey: Unable to send test message