Problems with "what on earth" (science channel)


Sonarr Version
Mono Version 4.2.3

ubuntu 16.04.3

I thought I would go and get “what on earth”. This is a very strange series in that lists of episodes vary from imdb, sciencechannel and tvdb. Sonarr seems to be confused as to what goes where as well. Sometimes, for instance, I will have each episode for a given season and, then, mysteriously, half of them will sometimes be recognized by sonarr and, other times, not. I have tried messing with the names but that doesn’t seem to matter. I have gone to tvdb and downloaded their lists of all the shows (I assume they are the ones that control this stuff (that site has interesting stuff )) This series also has a LOT of specials. tvdb shows them in with the season episodes but sonarr seems to want to put them into “specials”. I have, for instance, put them into both the season and specials folders. Sometimes they are recognized in specials and, sometimes, they are not (even though the files are there). I continue to think its how the titles are in the folders but haven’t been able to prove that out.

This is interesting. I think my solution is going to be to stick them all into a ‘video’ folder (in kodi) and let it be but also thought this might be of interest to you. I am using kodi and that is having trouble with this thing bigtime. You might also consider going to to see the site. This one is a genuine mess (but interesting) and I don’t think that they can even keep the names of their episodes straight themselves! Anyway, your thoughts on this one would be appreciated.


It only shows them there to show the order they aired, they are specials though (and also appear different in the list).

They need to have S00Exx where xx is the number of the special as shown in the Sonarr UI.

If things are recognized then not it could be as simple as the data on the TVDB changing, if the show has a mess of metadata from different sources that can happen as different people try to update it in different ways.


Thanks for the response!

I would continue to explain what is wrong with this thing but its just too confusing and I can work around it. Anyway - thanks again for the reply!!!


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