Problem to find torrent no tracker

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):3.10.0
OS: Raspbian 9.9
Description of issue:
Hello, I have a question because I’m Testing it and I don’t sure if I have a bug or I’m doing something bad.

On my installation, I’m running Jackett in order to get torrents on one tracker “mejortorrent”. I have connected it, and then, I’m going to search a serie as for example “La que se avecina” that has 11 seasons. The tracker Mejortorrent has seasons include the live season 11. From Sonarr is only available 10 seasons. The 11 season isn’t found by sonarr. I have tried to search it from Jackett and It shows them. So, What is reason that sonarr can’t find season 11?

Other case, I would like to see the “supernatural” that have 14 seasons, and I have found it on tracker and is available. I have tried to download it from Sonarr and Sonarr can’t find torrent on tracker. What happen? I think that it is a good project but I don’t understand what is the reason that it doesn’t work.? is the language? On Sonnar the serie is called “supernatural” and the tracker is “sobrenatural”.

Thank you

The issue is likely going to lie with how Jackett queries the indexer. Sonarr searches in a standardized way and Jackett translates it to something the indexer understands.

Why 10/11 seasons work may come down to how the releases are named. You can look at the debug logs to see exactly how Sonarr is searching.

Unless Sonarr has an alias for Supernatural (which are shown in the UI) Sonarr won’t be able to search for or process releases that are named in unexpected ways. The FAQ covers this.

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Thank your by the answer. I hace checked it and it hasn’t alias, it is the problem.
Thank you!

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