Preliminary v3 Testing Results


All I can say that I agree with you.

As a lead guru of QA and Tech Support, I’m constantly in contact with such issues, certainly I responded here harsh, but with arguments and solution with no time loss for devs and keep trying to be civilized respecting their work.

Line that separate great product and good product even working product is very very thin, thus my frustration. Over the years I have started and created hundreds of small apps that I stopped developing simply because functions I made were enough for me, but I never stopped anyone else to improve it. Few of them even became successful commercial products and I’m happy to see that “Thanks to Peke that initially designed this project”.

I have no attention to fight for it, I’ll be just sad. I’ll simply add same thing in my product and then uninstalled Sonarr. I have enough fights with kids:

  • I do not like broccoli!!!
  • Have a bite and then tell me?
  • No, I do not like it.
  • But meal you couldn’t stop eating last week had broccoli in it.
  • It didn’t, you are lying as I do not like broccoli.

Simply do not need more of it, not worth of my time and frustration anymore. Everyone choose its own path.

Long Live and Prosper.


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