Preferred words in filename (didn't tick box before renaming"

Sonarr version (exact version): SonarrV3
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Windows
Debug logs:
Description of issue: I recently renamed my files through Sonarr by the trash guide’s standards. However I forgot to tick the box in my release profile to “include preferred words in filename”

Am I out of luck on including preferred words to the files that are already renamed. Another issue I am afraid of is since I changed my filenames in Sonarr, my backup drive has the old filenames. Is there any way to update the files on my backup drive to match the filenames on my source drive?

I noticed that (at least for the files recently added by Sonarr) I can rename and get the preferred words included. But what about all the other files? At this point should I just do without the preferred words in my filename or are they essential?

They’re essential to ensure the same release isn’t grabbed again. If you’re satisficed with the current files you could unmonitor those episodes or you could just leave it and see what happens.

I did what you said. Being that a lot of my files (post-renaming) have lost the preferred words information it didn’t apply to everything. But it did add preferred words to many of the most recently added episodes.

I wonder if there is a way to retrieve the lost preferred words information? Or would I have to literally search for where the file came from for each one?

Regardless, Sonarr did a great job of adding it in for when the file had the information. At the very least Sonarr will now add the preferred words in the filename for future grabs.

Do you know if when using the recommended TVDB ID# in the Series folder will that work with Plex? I was reading that the TVDB ID numbers change quite often and to avoid using the TVDB ID numbers in the series folder.

Some guides (trash’s in particular) recommend using IMDB ID even for TV shows. Please advise on which, if any to use. And would I be able to do this through Sonarr in the mass rename function? I am concerned with Plex recognizing the shows if I rename all my series folders to include the ID# (+/- 80TB). P.S. Can Sonarr really handle mass-rename on collections that big?

Thanks for all your help. What a wonderful program you all have created!

Yes it works as long as you follow Plex’s recommended format. I’m not sure where you read they change often, but TheTVDB’s show IDs don’t change often at all, especially after the series starts airing.

Generally adding more information isn’t a detriment.

For renaming series folders you need to use move series in mass editor and change the series to the same root folder.

Renaming a folder is a simple move in most cases, if you’re concerned do it on a smaller batch of series at a time.