Preferred Word Score - cutoff

Hi folks,
Is there any chance that Sonarr can replicate Radarr’s Custom Format Score?

The ability to set a minimum Preferred Word Score would help massively in preventing downloading of unwanted releases.

Thanks jordy

I don’t see that these suggestions will achieve my goal, as they all seem to relate to Upgrades.

I want to STOP the downloading of episodes UNLESS their “Preferred Word Score” reaches a set target. Similar to Radarr, which prevents downloading of movies that don’t achieve a “Custom Format Score”

I have very carefully created Profiles that, by their scoring, clearly define the Sources and Groups that I PREFER. However, I still get downloads that do not match my preferences. What I would like to see is the capacity to set a MINIMUM Word Score, below which, downloads are rejected.

Is this possible?

Not possible.

What you want is a minimum preferred word cutoff score then?

Why not just use must contain if you only want those releases - that’s the exact same concept effectively

Yes, a minimum PWS cutoff is what I’m requesting.

Yes, Must Contain will probably do the same thing, but it will negate the scoring if I put all required terms into Must Contain?
The Profiles, will become very unwieldy and difficult to maintain if I put the same terms in both Must Contain and Preferred, because, without Scoring, Upgrades etc are effectively excluded.

Why is it not possible?

Another thought…
PWS is used to determine the preferred download - Higher PWS means more preferred episode. It is also used to determine whether or not a new file listing is an Upgrade, Yes?

If Sonarr can do this, why can’t it use the PWS to prevent downloads in the same manner?

To say “not possible” in this context sounds wrong…

you would need to do both must contain and preferred words

Why is it not possible?

It is just not simply

To say “not possible” in this context sounds wrong…

Not possible - currently. and who knows if it’d be added, would make a good FR on github - assuming one does not already exist

Issue #4711 would do the trick.
Can you say where it is at/how far away?

When Markus or taloth or someone else finally works on it

Could be next week
Could be next decade

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