Preferred vs Delay

I have a series by the same group (NTb) that releases from two different sources: amzn and dcu; my preferred score is set for amzn, however, the dcu source is released around 48-hours prior to my preferred amzn source which means that sonarr will still grab the dcu version first.
I cannot set a restriction for dcu because I have other titles that are dcu source.

Without setting a delay for 2880 minutes, how can I set a profile to prevent it from grabbing the dcu source? or is the delay my only option?

Create separate restriction profiles in combination with the delay?

So the delay is a must?

I already have separate restriction profiles.

Ah, I guess I understood you already had separate delay profiles as well. I think both (restrictions and delay) working in tandem can do what you want for a specific show.

Ok, thanks

I found a solution without using a delay by adding two extra tags to the series: 1: series title since it is unique and 2: amzn, then set both tags in profile to “must contain” them both and then set the restriction “must not contain DCU”. This solution exclusively only affects this series and does not affect another series for which I prefer the DCU version.

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