Post-processing woes

My apologies if this is ‘effectively’ described elsewhere but I can’t find the exact answer.

Running version on Windows Server 2016

I’m trying to confirm the best settings for the following scenario.

Sonarr is on Server1 (specifically so internal access to file shares is not negatively impacted by VPN
Transmission Client on Server2 (specific for VPN traffic)
NZBget on Server3 (to run free of VPN layer)
Final landing zone for completed downloads, after post-processing on NAS.

Server1 and Server3 have symbolic links to the NAS locations for each category. Solution will likely solve each scenario however the scenario is this.

Sonarr has no issue sending the DL request to Transmission and keeping track of status. The problem is I’m not getting post-processing. I have set up Remote Path with the exact UNC path to the folder where Transmission drops the TV category download. On the Sonarr server, I have a symbolic link set to direct c:\TransTV to the aforementioned UNC path.

Obviously the desired result is to post-process the download and copy it to the correct path where the TV shows lay to rest permanently on the NAS. The path for each show is correct and exists via SYMLINK on the Sonarr server.

Am I approaching this correctly or is there a better, recommended method?

current error for each torrent in Sonarr log…

Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: D:\Transmission\Done\tv<torrentdownloadname>

So the path above reflects when Transmission used to live on the Sonarr machine however not only has it been removed, I changed the parameters of the Download Client in Sonarr to point to the new Transmission server and it tested fine. What configuration am I missing changing?

So fixed the ‘import failed’ error by listing the ‘actual’ path on the Transmission server in the Remote Path configuration on the Sonarr server. Like a dummy, I had the UNC path however it wanted the local path as known by the Transmission server.

The files are now processing however it appears I now see this error.

Unable to set last write time: The process cannot access the file ‘C:\series3\seriesname’ because it is being used by another process.

From what I am seeing, this error can be ignored if the file is properly processed and copied to the correct location. Is this correct?

Something is blocking access to the file, but just change your media management settings to not edit the time stamp

Also Sonarr v2 is EOL; upgrade to Sonarr v3

I’ll give it a go and upgrade to v3…thanks for the feedback.

It wasn’t set to edit the time stamp however I did upgrade to v3 and everything is working as intended now. I’m also liking the continuity between Radarr and Lidarr…makes for setup and expected behavior a reality now.