Possible to install Sonarr on Synology DS413

I have a Synology DS413 and have added SynoCommunity to the package centre but Sonarr does not appear as an option in the Community section.

Do you know if it is possible to get Sonarr on the DS413? And if so how?

I have downloaded Sonarr on my Windows 10 PC today to see what I thought of it and really like it, been using Sickbeard for years on DS413. Sickbeard has stopped working and now that I’ve seen Sonarr it looks very dated, so would really like to install Sonarr on to my Synology DS413.


I don’t have any Synology hardware myself but a friend of mine set this up on his DS420 using docker not that long ago and didn’t really have any problems. And had no experience with docker containers at all. Search youtube for some howtos thats what he did.

the DS413 has a Freescale P1022 Dual Core CPU (Qoriq)

docker cannot run on that CPU, and it looks like mono cant run on that CPU either so i doubt anyones going to be able to build a viable package for it

Thought that might be the case, thanks

I will see what I can do in the old pc and see if I can setup external access to Sonarr in it.

Nothing wrong with the DS413 except being old, so maybe time to start saving for next years DS421

Well like I said I don’t own any synology hardware myself but I know it works on his 420.

I guess you learn something new every day! :slight_smile:

Me too :slight_smile:

Might look at keeping the current NAS for all my files but just keep on using the old desktop pc for software - Sonarr, Radarr, Plex MediaServer etc. see to have less issues running off Windows 10 :rofl: