Possible to add a web (not webdl or webrip) quality profile?


Hopefully this is the right place for posting v3 feature requests.

It appears that Sonarr treats files that say web as if they were webdl. From my testing files that are just web appear to be different from webdl, the key difference being that they contain a channel watermark that webdl files don’t.

With the addition of quality groups in v3 could parsing be added for a separate web quality? Maybe have it default under the different WEB quality groups?


I can confirm this behavior. I agree, it would optimal to be able to set web-dl to be strictly web-dl.


WEB and WEB-DL are the same thing, they are both remuxed from an untouched releases, the former is from scene groups and the latter from p2p groups, but otherwise they are the same.


Thanks for the clarification. Your reply lead me to dig further and it appears my experiences might be exclusive to CW shows.


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