Possibility to see audio info in "history" in v3?

Sooo, v3 shows video codec in history. Would it be possible to also add the option for audio?

It would greatly simplify my (still) manual process of getting rid of 2.0-episodes.

No media info is stored with history, that’s only stored with EpisodeFiles. It’d need to be part of the file/release name for it to show up in history.

any reason why those 2 tables can’t be used with a sql join? if the info that is needed to do that isn’t available yet, why would it be bad to add it?

There is no absolute link from history to episode file. It’d only ever be able to show the current episode file, but if you want that, just look at the episode file.

I guess my point would be why shouldn’t history and episodefile have a unique id that can link them.

There’s been no historic reason to do so and as it’d only be relevant while the episode file remains on disk I don’t see a reason to add it. Instead of a run around to get the episode file you’d just grab the episode file directly.