Plz Help.. Seedbox automation


Running the latest version of sonarr on my local pc. The downloads are handled by my seedbox (ultraseedbox) but i cannot find a way to get the files back to my local PC. Any suggestions?? I want sonarr (on local pc) to download the files with rtorrent (seedbox) after the file is downloaded i need the files to sync or download automatically to my local PC and have sonar sort and rename them so my plex server can see them… plz help :frowning: i have failed at this for 3 days.


I am trying to figure out the best way of doiing this as well.

I have a remote downloader and need to get the files back to my internal network - so I am in the same boat.

How do others do this?


Actually I have managed to do this

I use a file sync bit of software that every 30 mins downloads completed files from the downloader server. I do this via FTP across a VPN

Its not elegant - but at first glance it seems to work


Remote path mapping is a far more elegant solution.


Yeah I agree - however, in my case, remote path mapping is not an option as my hosting provider (seedbox) does not allow any mapping - so I have to use FTP.

Either I change my seedbox / VPS / Whatever to one where I get more control OR I use FTP


Well remote path mapping doesn’t require anything at the seedbox end.
Local instead of remote Sonarr install, pointing to your seedbox client to do the downloading. Then anything that can mount your seedbox locally will work. NetDrive, WebDrive etc…
If you can use ftp or sftp to connect to your seedbox then it does support remote path mapping.

Don’t get me wrong I used to use a program called FTP Synchronizer and do it exactly as you do now.
Nowadays I also send to google drive as well as bring the files home locally.


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