Please help a dummy with release profiles

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Linux
Debug logs:
Description of issue: Release profile hasn’t enabled an ‘upgrade’ of a show

Hi folks

I’m looking for a bit of help defining / understanding more about the Profiles
This morning Sonarr correctly picked up a show I was monitoring for HD-720p.
I have a release profile set up to (in theory) upgrade it when an x265 release is made available.

However, the debug logs showed:
Debug|UpgradableSpecification|Comparing preferred word score. Current: 0 New: 200 Debug|UpgradableSpecification|Existing item has better quality, skipping Debug|DownloadDecisionMaker|Release rejected for the following reasons: [Permanent] Release in queue is of equal or higher preference: WEBDL-720p v1 - English, [Permanent] Recent grab event in history is of equal or higher quality: WEBDL-720p v1

My release profile has preferred terms set, so I don’t understand why “New” of 200 is not better than “Current” of 0

Anyone able to explain or point me to where it does?

Thanks in advance

FAQ covers this

Quality trumps all

OK, got it…I think.

If you set the quality as “ANY”, and then used release profiles (to preference some terms)…does that mean it would re-download a 720p release (if the scoring meant it was higher than the previous one)?

Release profiles will upgrade existing releases to one whose quality are equal or better

Right, so regardless of my preference, it will simply ignore a new release if the ‘quality’ is the same?

If the quality and language are the same and the preferred word score is better it’ll upgrade, always

I must be missing something. The reason for my initial post was that I had two 720p WEB-DL releases…one that had a score of zero, the later had a score of 200, but that didn’t download because the desired quality was reached.

You said “Quality trumps all”…but now:

If the quality and language are the same and the preferred word score is better it’ll upgrade, always

So I’m really confused, sorry!

Logs say the existing item in queue had a better quality. So you’re not giving the full picture

Ah, no it’s me being a dunce.
The releases were a different source - I just stupidly failed to spot it when I was reviewing the logs :man_facepalming:
It’s the fact that Sonarr setup is treating “WEB-DL” as higher quality than HDTV - that’s what really, really should have made me re-look at what was sourced before even attempting to question it.

Sorry for wasting your time.