Please Add automatic redownload on failed file imports

Hi, i am using Sonarr in a docker container.
Most of the time works fine but there are some times it fails to import the file ( download icon in yellow).

That is not a Sonarr issue, those files are usually not correct like not having the correct extensions or other file name related problems. This issue seems to be very prevalent depending on the show i am trying to download as some are very vulnerable to this “fake downloads”.

However i’d like Sonarr to handle this automatically, if it can’t import the file (Sonarr already detects this) it would be good if it could mark the download as failed and try another release.
I think this is doable as Sonarr already detects the failed imports, it is just missing to trigger the “failed download status”.

Additionally it could help a lot if we could setup a limit time for the download to finish in days in the download client section (like a generic one for all, something simple) , and if not completed try another release. This happens a lot when trying to download old shows where the seeds are not that many and sometimes even 0. But this last one is would be a “nicer to have”.

There’s any number of reasons why a download would not import…they need to be handled by the human…

Your download client is responsible for properly deobfuscating the files / fixing missing extensions

There is no torrenting client which will do that and you know it. In fact there is no automatism which can do what you suggest with any form of success. Please stop suggesting non-sensical stuff.

In other notes:

  • Flexget allows to filter the contents of the torrents by the content_filter tag. Having that tool would work to avoid no relevant torrents, as such allowing to download only the ones with video files for example.
  • Filebot does not present the same issues as Sonarr does with the file naming. Files which cannot be imported by Sonarr are usually a non-issue for Filebot. Unfortunately both tools can not be used at the same time as it causes multiple issues with locking nodes, locked files, etc…

Because both solutions are more complex and work intensive than just add the “failed download” flag to that file import task i think is sensible to request this.

Filebot presumably doesn’t require a valid video file - extension included. Sonarr does.

Failed downloads for torrents is problematic as it easily allow users to shoot their feet off, get a ton of hit and runs, and get themselves banned from their trackers.

Perhaps you should just block the groups and trackers that are allowing fake releases containing no video files?

A preventing measure against is already implemented by Sonarr by the Enable Automatic Search checkbox.

This comment so far of the mark i don’t know what to say… What happen when is not an specific group or use an specific tracker like it is the case. Because it would not make sense for somebody uploading isos instead mp4s to be easily identifiable, right?

Are you the one who will add this? It looks like you don’t wont to work in adding this.MarkAsFailed() function after a failed file import.

You keep shifting the solution into external factors instead solving the actual problem. Not helpful or useful.

Has no relevance to failed download handling…not anything to do with removing releases that are failed but not met their seeding goals for the tracker.

So you’re saying multiple groups are releasing corrupt video files across multiple trackers and the trackers are allowing it?

The best fix is to be avoiding and not getting those releases in the first place.

It sounds like you think you know how sonarr works…so if you do then why don’t you go PR and add the feature?

Again not helping, please refrain of interacting in this thread anymore.

On the other hand if any of the devs working actively on this need my help I will be happy to thou so they can provide the file/includes where are the relevant functions and documentation.

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