Permissions to shared network drive

**Sonarr version
Sonarr is running on Windows
Windows 10:
Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: \SynologyPlex\usbshare1\Downloads\The Ms Pat Show\Season 2. Ensure the user running Sonarr has access to the network share:
not downloading episodes:

Tried running as a service no help, i’m just stuck here. it’s not downloading anything into sabnzbd. ALL are installed in windows box

how do i give sonarr access to that shared network drive

This issue is explicitly covered in the installation instructions and in the FAQ

Running as a service by default have extremely limited permissions and no access to network paths

i hear you. i read that fact. i said t tried it to see if maybe something might flip.its not running as a service… do you have any other suggestions?

thank you