Path is already existing
Path: F:\TV_Shows\Deadwood
Windows 10

I added Deadwood and Sonarr downloaded A few files, to get the rest I downloaded the rest with qbittorrent and copied them to the Deadwood folder. I then tried to import them and got the message all files were imported. when I go back to Sonarr series it isn’t there.
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this is wrong…and had literally no reason to be done…plus causes issues if you don’t know what you’re doing

  • sonarr can search for missing episodes
  • you should be searching on add if you want sonarr to look for previous episodes
  • wanted => manual import is the arbitrary import media files from anywhere
  • series -> manual import to import files within the series folder (<= check this)
  • queue the files into qbit in sonarr’s category and let automation occur

I then tried to import them

How? It almost sounds like you’re trying to use library import for exactly what the help text says its not intended for?

when I go back to Sonarr series it isn’t there.

The only way a series is removed from Sonarr is if the user or something via the api removes it. Why’d you remove it from your database? Series will never just not be in Sonarr without human intervention.

Thanks I am new and don’t know much about it yet