Out of Drive Space

Out of drive space.

Have Sonarr running for about a month or so. I manually delete files when no longer wanted, so in theory there should be PLENTY of drive space.

I check the repository for Transmission, check any local locations and deleted plenty of file, yet drive still stating no space left. Does Sonarr (or docker) create a private or hidden copy of files as well by chance?

MacMini / 10.15.4 Catalina / Docke + Sonarr

No it doesn’t. At most it’ll hardlink (or copy) completed downloads, but those aren’t hidden files and would exist in both the download client’s folder and the series folder.

Just a wild guess, but maybe series directory not on a mounted volume but inside the container?
Anyway, just use the regular osx/unix tools to find where the diskspace is used.

Think all the torrents are external to Docker (easily visible in MacOS) and promptly deleted. The Docker file itself, on the other hand, seems way too large just for the services themselves, leading me to think some type of media cache keeps growing inside Docker (or one of the Docker services)

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