OUR Girl issues once more

Following on from this thread
Season 4 is now available and I manually grab all episodes from BTN (each episode matches the naming on TVDB) However despite that I was horrified to see that despite Sonarr itself searching and pulling the episodes it actually suddenly decided the files were all part of season 3 and replacing them.

As a side note, Season 4 in sonarr offers something about “Scene number isn’t verified yet.” I’m sure that’s of some significance but I would have no idea what. Also trying manually importing and manually setting the episodes to the correct season 4 ones does nothing.

That is related to thexem numbering that is also forced on top of tvdb. Multiple broken systems at play to sum it up. As good as Sonarr is, it is hindered a lot by dependencies on other sites that are often broken (human error at its finest).


All mine show as correct with the exception scene numbering nit confirmed for S4.
All mine are labelled: Our Girl - S0XEXX

My only gripe is when filtering shows by missing episodes our girl always shows up as it thinks Season one has an Episode 6 & 7 when it doesn’t…

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