Organize and Rename Question

Mono Version
Ubuntu 18.04

I’m just trying to figure out what underlying command is called when you hit Organize and Rename. I was expecting a move command but it seems to be a link call. I’m using rclone and I know linking doesn’t work:

2019/08/26 13:36:34 DEBUG : TV/Undercover.Boss.US/: Link: req=Link [ID=0x5040f6 Node=0x135a Uid=1000 Gid=1000 Pid=2383] node 5043 to "Undercover.Boss.US.S09E06.mp4", old=TV/Undercover.Boss.US/Undercover.Boss.(US).S09E06.mp4
2019/08/26 13:36:34 DEBUG : TV/Undercover.Boss.US/: >Link: new=<nil>, err=function not implemented

I was expecting this to be a move command:

sonarr.debug.txt:19-8-26 13:36:34.9|Debug|DiskTransferService|Move [/gmedia/TV/Undercover.Boss.US/Undercover.Boss.(US).S09E06.mp4] > [/gmedia/TV/Undercover.Boss.US/Undercover.Boss.US.S09E06.mp4]
sonarr.debug.txt:19-8-26 13:36:54.7|Debug|RenameEpisodeFileService|Renamed episode file: [63254] Undercover.Boss.US.S09E06.mp4

What is the call it’s actually doing?

I’m actually trying to get it to execute a move rather than link command on the organize and rename and not sure if that’s an option somewhere.

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