Option to not upgrade on keyword scores

I really like the keyword scoring features, but once a file is found and downloaded based on everything at the time, since my major concern is my ISP download limit, I don’t want it to keep upgrading on keywords after that. If a downloaded file isn’t acceptable I can just do a manual search and download something else. For instance I use an HEVC 265 keyword but if a non-HEVC file is downloaded first, for me it defeats the purpose of preferring a smaller file if the larger file has already been downloaded and I end up getting a download hit for both files.

So an additional option to not upgrade based on keywords would be useful for me. It seems the line that says “If disabled qualities will not be upgraded” could be confusing since upgrades can and do still happen if you’re using keywords. This threw me at first until I read the explanation here. So I think providing separate disable options for “quality upgrades” and “keyword upgrades” would also help make what’s happening more clear to users.

Currently Preferred words are ALWAYS upgrades.

um, yeah, that would be why they opened a feature request to ask for an option to disable that from happening.

seems like a logical request but i always prefer having more options/control over software, others do not.

if OP is not in a hurry for their files then a workaround may be to set the delay profile to have a large value, say 24-48 hours, to give time for the “best” version to come along before it kicks off a download.

it wont always work but it should cut down on a decent amount of the preferred word downloads that would normally happen, and you can increase/decrease it based on what works, or doesnt.

already on git as well https://github.com/Sonarr/Sonarr/issues/4302

but yeah a delay profile of 720 min is what i use, mostly works well

As do I, but HEVCs can take days to post after the 264, often after I’ve watched it. But that seems to be getting better as more and better hardware acceleration gets out there.

Run a custom script on import to unmonitor the episode?

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