Option to force a new download for existing episode

There is no easy to way to replace damaged/bad episodes. I have Sonarr set to not re-download a file once it has been removed because I watch and kill episodes. So there is no easy way to find a better version once it thinks it has one.

So how can I re-download using the filters rules like ignore bamboozle downloads and grab another version of an episode? Right now I have to manually download an episode which shows everything including all the posters I don’t want. And then many times the download has been nuked so I have to try another one. Repeating these steps a hundred or so times is tedious which is what I am doing. I have a lot of bad downloads from posters like bamboozle and tbs. I fixed my filters to ignore these posters for future downloads but have hundreds of episodes to re-download.

You can use manual/interactive search for that, in v3 you can also use preferred words, but Sonarr sin’t going to search for things, so unless they’re reposted you’ll have to manually hit search for affected episodes.

And that’s why I feel we need a new feature. To search for episodes selected using the profile to see if it can find another version.

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