Option to always add year to serie title?

I’m having some issues with Plex scanning certain media which uses already existing titles. As explained in this post by Plex support: https://forums.plex.tv/t/media-not-properly-matched-despite-containing-year/451292/8?u=iguana9999phil
Adding the year to the serie title would help Plex identifying the right serie, at the moment Sonarr only adds the year when TVDB adds it.

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That option already exists in v3…

I’m using that one {Series TitleYear} And it’s not always adding the year. It only adding the year when the title requires it:

I would like it to always add the year regardless. Adding the year manually after adding the serie defeats the purpose of sonarr automation.

The whole point of that renaming token is to add the year even when it’s not part of the title and that’s working fine in my testing.

Sonarr will only set the series folder name when adding the series or moving the series and telling Sonarr to move the files, it’s not going to rename the series folder when you change the format. in settings.

We’re going to need to see debug logs, information about your setup (from the Help & Support template) and a screenshot of your Media Management settings.

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