Offset Calendar Air Date

Is there a way to offset the Calendar Air Date by a few days?
Example: An anime show starts airing 1 January with English SUBS. Then the English DUB version airs 4 weeks later. Is there a way to offset the Air Date to reflect the latter (dubbed) Air Date?
Suggestion: Under Series, ShowName, Edit. Add “Air Date Offset” where you can select the amount of days (0-99) the ShowName will appear in the calendar.

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I’m all for this feature as well. I have 3 shows that typically get posted anywhere from a week to a year after their original release date. Example Age Of The Living Dead will not hit the torrent scene till it actually starts streaming in the UK and US even though it has already aired in Asia.

There are also some shows that air a few days earlier than listed in the calendar.

Here are some shows that I have noticed…
‘Killing Eve’
‘Mr Mayor’
‘The Walking Dead’
‘Young Rock’
…just to name a few.

What shows have you noticed?

Billy the Kid
2022 TV Series
IMDB tt14586544
Offset two weeks

This idea has merit and should of been commented on by the devs already.

We’re not going to allow offsetting air dates, the this might be possible in the future with different airing orders that take different networks into account, but for now whatever TheTVDB has is what you’ll get.

You do know that stance of never is asinine, right? Just ran into another show on the calendar “Visitors” that looks like it’s going to air later than claimed. Wanted is nice but I believe beyond a certain amount Sonarr will not look at what’s in wanted.

Wanted has nothing to do with what sonarr does for RSS feeds…?

Sonarr generally never does any searches on its own and Wanted is really only relevant to the user…app doesn’t care

It’s simply not reasonable to expect that every feature request gets implemented. It is asinine to say yes or maybe one day and then never doing it, I’m being realistic that at this point in time this is not something we’re going to do, if we change our minds in a year or 5 then it’s a bonus.

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Thank you for considering this as a possible feature in the future