Obfuscated file names not importing

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):IDK
OS: windows 10
Debug logs:
Description of issue: Fresh setup I have two issues really… Ideally I would like to never have to check my downloads folder for cleanup… I’ve been avoiding torrents because there is no simple solution for importing files through sonarr that are rar’ed…

sabs-sonarr is not importating mostly obfuscated files and it’s leaving being a lot of unpack files… I’m trying my hardest to get a clean setup but i didn’t have this problem with obfuscated files last time… I’ve read all the threads and one guy said sorting worked for him but you advised against it… and another thread saying it’s on trello from 2015… and there are no solutions or even suggestions on how to fix files not importing that are obfuscated…

Side topic… any simple solutions for working with torrents coming out?

regarding SASNZB

In regards to obfuscated files, this will stop bad named files like3254325234543.mkv

This will stop folders getting created by using a *

I havent figured out how to get the completed folder files to auto move in to my monitored TV folders yet.

Sorry im a newbie, day 1 setting this up.

this is pretty helpful too

Thanks I recently enabled the cleanup list and copied most of the “ignore files” list to it which seemed redundant to me… But i’ll try to do the sorting thing by job name that looks like a setting I haven’t seen yet. THanks!

Still randomly missing imports.

That actually stopped all the imports from working I think…

Something else related to this issue is it’s downloading multiple copies of stuff too.

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