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Newbie to this: i am trying to add NZBget as a download client and i keep receiving the error"

Unable to connect to NzbGet. Error: ConnectFailure (Connection refused): ‘http://localhost:6789/jsonrpc

I am also not sure what to add into the Url Base field?

Sorry - still trying to figure all this out.


did you set a password in NZBGet under the security section and added that to sonarr in the download client setup as they need to match - try the test button after you do in sonarr as quick way to see if they will talk to each other etc

i’m using v3 - but dont see base url field
unless you mean Host - which i have as just localhost as sonarr and NZbget are on the same pc

Thanks for the response. Yes, i added the username/password and i am still getting the "Unable to connect to NzbGet. Error: ConnectFailure (Connection refused): ‘http://localhost:6789/jsonrpc’ error.

Unless you have a Frankenstein docker container which has both sonarr and nzbget, the hostname will not be “localhost”. Since you run the lsio sonarr docker, your nzbget runs “somewhere else”, outside the sonarr container.

So try the hostname of the system where nzbget runs.

In my case it’s another docker container which is called “nzbget”, so that is what I use as hostname in sonarr to configure the download client connection.

Thanks for the response. I am still having the same issue :frowning:

Not to sound blunt, but we should guess now what you tried? And what your setup looks like (where nzbget runs, if it’s also in a docker, what is the network config like of docker, can they even see each other of you try to ping the location where nzbget runs from within the sonarr container, …)?

(smiley for “I mean well and want to help, but you gotta give me something to work with”)