Nzbdrone user vanished!



I’ve just had to restart my Synology for the first time in a while and Sonarr failed to come back up afterwards.

From what I can see, this is because somehow (and I have no idea how), the nzbdrone user is nowhere to be found. It is not listed in /etc/passwd and looking at the permissions for the Sonarr folders they are all set to 100 as the owner rather than nzbdrone.

I’m presuming that if I re-create the user and then set the permissions on the folders, it should then work, but can someone help with the exact commands to do so via putty and then tell me what the line for the nzbdrone account should look like in etc/passwd after I have done it.

Also any idea why or how this could have happened?

Edit: I also imagine it needs to be a member of at least the sc-media group and the users group - any others?



We do not maintain the synology package, but perhaps someone here is able to help you.

From what I recall, the nzbdrone user in the synology package is not visible in the UI, though it is a member of the sc-media group. Not sure if it ever showed up in /etc/passwd.


Hi Markus,

You’re right - the nzbdrone user is not visible in the Synology UI, but it should show up in /etc/passwd, in the same way that the nzbget user does. I’m also using WinSCP to look at the permissions and had made a screenshot of them after the install - the owner should be nzbdrone and not 100.

I did some more digging though and it would appear that the user creation process is a bit strange on the Synology anyway, so I made the decision to back up the db and xml, uninstall Sonarr and then re-install it and then restore those files - a bit of a pain but probably easier in the long run and now the nzbdrone user exists again at least (hopefully it will survive the next reboot!).

Maybe you can help with the restore now though as I’m not sure I have done things in the right order.

My old version (and therefore my database) was from the November update of Sonarr ( The version that gets installed initially from the Synocommunity goes back much earlier to I installed that initial version and then restored my database file but now it will not update to the latest version. Should I have done it differently and installed the initial version, then updated to the latest (, then restored my database? Or will that cause a problem because it is actually a later version than my database?

I can’t see a way of updating to the November update - only the latest version.

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Yeah, this is the correct way to do it.

You can restore an older version of the DB and Sonarr will upgrade the database to the latest version (if there are changes), the same way it upgrades the database when an update is installed. You can’t use a new version of the database with an old version of the app (it’s not backwards compatible).


Hi Markus,

Thanks for confirming. I’ll give it a second go and do it in the order you’ve stated this time.

Very much appreciate your help.


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