NzbDrone.exe using around 15% CPU steady


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OS: Windows 10 Build 16299
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The NzbDrone.exe task is at a constant 15% or so CPU usage. It isn’t crippling, but I’m curious as to what it’s busy doing and if there’s any way it can be alleviated.

It appears to be stuck doing a ‘RefreshSeries’ command b/c the trace log always shows that one is currently in progress. I believe this has been addressed in previous versions so i’m not sure if this is a regression defect or if I haven’t configured something correctly. Any ideas?


Sounds like the RefreshSeries task got hung up somewhere because I don’t see it updating anything, but it keeps reporting that error.

Restarting Sonarr will clear out the hung task, does that fix the CPU usage as well?


Thanks for the reply. After the restart, Sonarr kicks off the RefreshSeries again and the pattern continues. It seems like it always gets hung up on the very first instance of the command firing, which is good because that means it’s reproducible.


My guess is that mediainfo is stuck, enable trace level logs, restart sonarr then check the logs to see what it’s busy with.

Since you’re on windows, create a full memory dump (Task Manager->details->rightclick on process->Create dump file. zip it up.


Sorry this took so long, I was doing some migration after I made this post because I expanded my storage, so I expected Sonarr to be busy and didn’t want to provide data from those events. I added a .dmp file to the Google Drive folder along with all of the recent trace and debug logs as well. It looks like it’s constantly doing RSS syncs and then going back and doing ‘Refresh Series’ and never really finishes up. Also, I keep seeing messages that’s its parsing shows that have been deleted like American Gods, which seems odd.

Sonarr Logs/Dump file


@markus101 This is why we need a cache on VideoFileInfoReader… if imports are rejected it’ll do it over and over again.

Also parser not using the short file name in the pack:

... H:\NZBGet\complete\Penn.and.Teller.Bullshit.S04.DVDRip.XviD\tpz-pteller407.avi
ImportDecisionMaker|File rejected for the following reasons: [Permanent] Single episode file contains all episodes in seasons`

@Curtis_Vognet Are you seeing a ton of items in Activity->Queue with a yellow icon in front?

I still have to look at the dump. This was just a quick peek in the log. After the big import attempt it seems pretty silent for a couple of minutes till the end of the log, I’d expect it to retry immediately… more later.


Nope, the Queue is usually pretty clean. I try to check it daily and manually click the red ‘x’ to remove from download client if something doesn’t import correctly.

The only thing in the UI that really indicates something is up is the little pop up in the bottom right corner that constantly says it’s running [refreshseries] and never moves off of the first alphabetical show in the library. This never ever goes away unless I close it, and then it comes back again eventually.



So I wanted to bump this one again to see if there’s a short term work around I can deploy that’s better than what I’ve come up with. I decided to start removing shows 1 by 1 to see if there was a specific one it got hung up on. Luckily it seems to be the very first one, “Adam Ruins Everything” as shown in the screenshot. I basically have to remove it, run the update library, then put it back. Is there something about that one show that’s causing this to get stuck? It’s starting to cause issues with automation because the calendar isn’t being updated which is causing Sonarr to miss new show premiers and not grab things during RSS sync.

Added log folder to Google Drive so this syncs up in real time in case anyone wants updated logs. I can’t figure out what the problem is though.

Log Folder


OK I may have figured it out. I guess there’s some file in here that’s causing the refresh to get stuck when it’s scanning it or w/e it’s doing. I deleted it and now it’s cruising along.

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