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I’ve recently started using Sonarr and I’m quite happy with it so thanks! The only thing I’m still missing is a way to connect it with Microsoft Teams. While it’s possible to use a webhook in Sonarr, Teams requires certain fields for it to accept it (text or summary) so it doesn’t work. If someone knows of a way to make this connection work please let me know, otherwise I would love to see this feature in a future update.

My thanks.

You should be able to do this using python and querying the database for the notifications you want. The SQLite3 database is pretty easy to get information out of it.

The database is found in your /home/user/.confg/NzbDrone/ directory (if on Linux). You can write a python script to send the notification however you’d like. This likely could break on an update, but that is something you should be able to do should you want to.

Why would you need to query the database? O_o
Just use the custom script notification…

I was believing the OP was saying that the custom script notification wasn’t working as needed. So I was giving him an alternative if that wasn’t working. Rereading, he doesn’t say that he used the script notifications, so maybe that is the correct place to start. However, I was just thinking he had tried that option.

Settings > Custom Scripts > On Grab | On Import

Once the script is triggered you can get any information you need about the series/episode and post it to whatever notification service you like. I use discord personally but as long as there is an api endpoint of some sort to post to it would work.

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