Notfound when using domain

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): don’t know what this is
OS: Unraid 6.9.2
Debug logs:
Description of issue: logging in using domain returns ‘notfound’

Setting up sonarr for the 1st time. Been using sickchill for many years. Anyway, I am setting it up behind a reverse proxy with an address of The 1st time it went to the login page, I entered the l/p setup earlier. It then loaded the page pictured below and each time it just goes to this page. I can access the app from the unraid docker.


Logs are not accessible

try this

Nothing stands out from a quick skim of 4200 lines of debug.

Check the browser dev console and network calls my guess is a poorly/incorrectly configured reverse proxy

Browser dev console and network calls?

If it was poorly/incorrectly configured, then nothing would, correct? I am successfully using the reverse proxy on other apps.

When I clear my cache, and try again, I get to the sonarr login page. But once it’s logged in, it gives me the notfound error shown earlier. I don’t think I would get this far if it was bad configuration.

Browser dev console and network calls?

For Chrome: for other browser’s they have their own similar tools. Trace logs in Sonarr will show more details on API/other requests to the backend, the current logs don’t show anything obviously wrong.

Not necessarily, if Sonarr isn’t configured properly for the reverse proxy or vice versa then you’d have issues with it that you wouldn’t for something else.

What have you set for Host settings in Sonarr?
Which reverse proxy are you using?

The dev consol has a few trycatch errors but I don’t know what I am looking at. I know trycatch is an error handler. A look at the code didn’t give me any clue.

For the host, it is port 8989 and the url base is blank.

I am using SWAG in an unraid docker.

What about the network requests, which ones are failing there?

Is this what you are looking for?

Everything getting a 502 response is strange since it works for HTML/CSS/JS requests.

What do Sonarr’s trace logs show for the same requests? All API requests are logged at trace, which will help determine if Sonarr is receiving the request and it’s not making it back through the reverse proxy or the lack of logged requests indicating that the requests didn’t make it to Sonarr.