Not Importing after Grabbing from Manual Search

AppData directory: C:\ProgramData\Sonarr
Startup directory: C:\ProgramData\Sonarr\bin
Mode: Service
Uptime: 1d 21:18:31


I have a completed torrent which will not import, because it is blacklisted. I found it in the blacklist and it was not in the activity list in Sonarr. It sits completed in qbittorrent. I have manually searched for the season pack in Sonarr (mind you, there is another bug with having to click the manual search several times before it finds some sources) and clicked the download option (there was a red warning saying that it is blacklisted). I found and deleted the blacklisted download.
After refreshing the Activity -> Queue list, it still doesn’t appear there.
I know it communicates with qbittorrent, as watching the torrent, it changes state to queued, then to completed again almost immediately after manually searching and downloading through Sonarr…

My suggestion is (and I’m not sure if it has been mentioned before or will break other logic) for Sonarr to remove the blacklisting of the item, if you manually download/re-download the item in Sonarr.

The other request is to fix the search functionality too.

The blacklist has no effect on items in the queue.

Changing to queued is a result of sending it to the client, until it has progress it hasn’t gotten it back from qbit. Sounds like something else is going, debug/trace logs would be the first thing to look at.

We don’t have plans to do this.
This is from a debug log when I re-downloaded manually within Sonarr. I don’t seem to see any reason as to why it is leaving it? There is no content in the TV Library for that season…

Was that torrent already downloaded and imported at some point? Previous history should be used to determine the grab came after the import and not mark it as imported, but there may be a bug there.

No, I dont think it had been, as the season is quite new. I didnt see import history for it for the matter.
I have been trying to log a bug in qbittorrent, which others seem to be getting too, but I dont think it’s causing this issue? (Not this issue, that is the missed import)


Can this alert be made a link to the related blacklist item please?

Blacklist item:
Name: xxx
Protocol: torrent
Indexer: Rarbg
Message: qBittorrent is reporting an error