Not getting Life Below Zero

I missed all of Season 17 and now Season 18 started and it didn’t get the first episode.
Is it really not out there or is there something I need to do or change?

Is it on your calendar? If so then use Sonarr to search for it and see if it just wasn’t grabbed by Sonarr.

Yes it’s on the calendar. I’ve tried to manual search many times. It’s just hard for me to believe that it’s not out there because I know it’s a popular show.

It’s not out there at all. No one has released it

Calendar has nothing to do with if anything is actually released in the wild. It’s just the airdates for shows

I don’t follow the show and wan’t going to check for the OP. I said IF it wasn’t grabbed by Sonarr. Next time keep the unwarranted attitude.