Not finding updates since

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: MacOS 11.7
Debug logs:
Description of issue: I have “develop” selected, and I see that there are updates that have been happening on the develop build, but my Sonarr has failed to see any updates past (August 7th). Any ideas?


Otherwise it’s just speculation and guessing.

That’s the latest version of v3 develop. Changes in develop currently will be for v4.

Where can I find information about v4? I haven’t seen anything mentioned here about it previously.

Ah gotya. Ok, thanks @markus101

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When v4 comes out I hope We’re not going to have to uninstall 3 and then install 4 like in the past, right? It should be a clean UPDATE not a remove and install. Thanks

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Make no mistake devs that was a question.

Not a dev, and anything is speculation at this point, but it’s a major version change so it’s allowed to have breaking changes including not having a direct upgrade path… It’s not a weekly activity either, so I wouldn’t see the big deal in doing that once anyway.

cause the last time we ended up having to redo out setting and their are a lot of settings in Sonarr.

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v4 will be a manual upgrade, but just like v2 -> v3 Sonarr will upgrade the DB from earlier versions. You’d only have to redo everything if you lost your DB for some reason.

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Where can we test out V4? I don’t see anything pointing to V4. I do use Sonarr in docker and would like to test it out.

I’ll be blunt the IDIOTS that came up with Docker should be shot.

I have the exact opposite view, but that was not the question.

Here’s an answer:
For example hotio’s container, it’s not hard to find but posting instructions will probably bring out the “must upgrade to upgrade because… because” crowd. They’re usually the least helpful in making actionable bug reports but are very good at complaining that an unreleased version of something caused (typically imaginary emotional) damage without providing details.

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Is there any v4 information such as a changelog/features list of what will be implemented in the new version for us to see?

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